Are you able to support this appeal?

As you may have heard in the news, Sri Lanka has been hit by floods and landslides in the last couple of weeks. The death toll is rising and the number displaced due to the floods are greater than half a million and rising. We – Siri Sports Club as a collective is raising funds to help those in need. As our cricket club has a special relationship with Charlbury Cricket club, and of course our personal relationship with the club, we would be grateful if you could help us publicise the following fund raising campaign, and maybe support this as you are able?

Thank you in advance for your kind help. 



Raise money, support your friends, give to a cause. Show you care.

Procedure for ‘putting the roll-on covers’ on the square?

“The roll-on covers for the main square are a great addition to our club facilities. However, if put on wrongly, they are ineffective and will lead to streams of water spilling on to the pitch needing protection. Not just during games, but for other teams having to use the same pitch afterwards”.
The first  point is that the square is on a major slope in one direction and a smaller one in the other. The sills are also set at a slight angle to allow for proper drainage. Water doesn’t drain uphill, so ALL the hoses have to be stretched out going downhill. If not, the water will flow back and over the sill edges.
Each of the 3 covers is marked A, B, C. on one side of the cover sheets. When put in place, all the letters must be facing towards the railway. A goes at the station end, B in the middle, and C at the Walcot end. If put in in a different order, there will be seepage.  So, when packed away, it makes sense to store them in a logical order, so that they can be wheeled on and off quickly.
Unfortunately, we do get a lot of rain and, yes, we do have a lot of games of cricket. So please ensure that if you are required to help putting the covers on and off that you know the syatem, not just for youself but for other teams in the club.”

Nottingham Tour 2016

On Friday 22nd April – Sunday 24th April; 22 CCC tourists embarked on what is now an annual pre season tour. This year the destination was Nottingham where we stayed in the centre of town for two nights. We were looked after superbly well by our hosts Ellerslie CC on the Saturday and Rolleston CC on the Sunday. Sadly, as is often the way on tour; both games resulted in losses for CCC, but Saturday’s game in particular was a very tight affair, Ellerslie just edging it by one run. A special mention must go to our bus driver Alan who had a bat for us on Sunday when wickets were beginning to tumble ‘he bats when he wants’.

To give you a flavour of the rest of the weekend, it included; The letter ‘N’, D Rives, Ace of Base (always), A wedding booking, A Cocktail Sausage, Wibbly Wobbly, Half a yard, Getting off the pitch, An early check out and a Jager breakfast to mention a few….

A MASSIVE congratulations to our first team skipper Mr Josh Hornsby who won the most sort after award of ‘Tourist of the Year’ joining Ben Geeson Brown, Oliver Hollings and Craig Moss as previous winners. Dean Warner Carter must have a mention as runner up (1st looser).

Another hugely enjoyable weekend; a big thank you to all on the Tour Committee for their efforts.

Charlbury Girls U15 through in Lady Taverners

Charlbury won comprehensively by 46 runs in a fantastic team performance in the Lady Taverners u15 knockout. Charlbury batted first with Miranda Edwards and Lottie Oxton-King both scoring 31 in a total of 120. Aston Rowant could then only reach 74 for 5 in their 20 overs. A fantastic team fielding display for Charlbury with Esme Newton-Grain starring with 2 run outs. Oxton-King, Edwards and Mia Thompson picking up the other 3 wickets.

Congratulations to all the girls!

Great start to the season – New record for Charlbury C.C.


Congratulations to Ashley Rump who in the first game of the season against Radley C.C., scored a massive 196 not out, a new record for the Charlbury records listings…. Ashley came in at No 3 and played a superb innings throughout the game and there can be no doubt as to who was ‘Man of the match’….Well done Ashley and to the 1st team for a good win, long may this continue through the 2016 season?

Beer festival support new roller at CCC

We are delighted to confirm that Charlbury Beer Festival have again supported the club by granting £2,500 towards the cost a new roller. This is in addition to the kind donations from Ajit Shah of £1,000, the OCA of £500 and Charlbury Town Council of £500. A further grant application to WODC  is in progress.

The total cost of the roller is £15,138 but it is hoped that this will facilitate top quality wickets at Charlbury for many years to come. The club plans to apply to the ECB for an interest free loan to fund the shortfall.

The Good news is that the ‘new’ roller will be delivered during the month of May 2016…….

Cricket Force Weekend

Our sincere thanks to all those who gave of their valuable time to attend the Cricket Force work parties last Saturday and Sunday, the 9th & 10th April.

Many, if not all the jobs were completed and the ground and club house is looking great for the start of the 2016 season. Much work has been done around  the ground beforehand and our thanks goes to the ground staff who have worked so hard on the pitches, the outfield and the areas surround the ground.

Our special thanks must go to our President Mike Shayler, who has done so much over recent weeks in preparation for the work party weekend, and for overseeing the programme on Saturday and Sunday.

Colin Olliffe – Chairman CCC